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College Philosophy & Model

We believe that every human being has the potential to learn and to achieve. Through exploring ones sense of purpose and experience of the world this allows clarity of vision to open up within and a philosophy of life is gained.

The psychological philosophy of the school is Humanistic, which we believe promotes just this sense of purpose and clarity. The main theoretical approach is Integrative, which allows a depth and breadth of psychological understanding so as to allow all to explore and open up to them selves in a way that is appropriate for them.

The Model

In our Approach to Training page above we elaborate further on the Integrative approach of therapy. CCTS believes that as well as an in depth exploration into each client's presenting concern, a structure for accomplishing the clients needs and desires holds an equal place.

Our chosen model, which fits with this philosophy, is Egan's Skilled Helper model.

Egan's Skilled Helper Model

Egan's model moves beyond theory and into an integrating framework, providing a container for a personally integrated approach to helping.

Egan's model focuses on each therapist's unique style of helping, and in our training we encourage our students to develop their own style ... "to develop a solid foundation for forming your own counselling orientation." (Egan, 1988)

Egan believed that psychology was the study of limitations and the study of strengths and virtues. This model is not just fixing what is broken; it is nurturing what is best. Problem management is life-enhancing learning. In this model there are 2 principle goals of helping:

  1. Help the client manage their problems in living more effectively and develop unused resources and missed opportunities more fully.
  2. Help clients become better at helping themselves in their everyday lives.

The 3 stage model you will learn within your training with us will not only help you to explore your client's needs, but also uncover what else is needed for them to achieve the changes they desire. To become a truly Integrative practitioner we feel this model lends itself immensely well to the work you will be doing.

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